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Arbor Station HOA Board

Meeting Minutes

February 23, 2017

Call to order

Ken Bullock called to order the regular meeting of the Arbor Station HOA Board Meeting at 7:30 pm on February 23, 2017 at the Arbor Station Club House.

Roll call

Ken Bullock – Board Member –  present

Terry Standridge – Board Member –  present

Krystal Sanchez – Board Member – present

Troy Kleinhenz – Board Member – present

Barbara Burns – Board Member – present

Tony Gonzalez – Board Member – present

Jacob Davis – Board Member – present

Lucia Doumit – Board Member – present

Neil Chapman – Board Member – present

Keith Guier  – Rental Manager – present

The minutes from last meeting were not approved because not all of the Board members had reviewed them.  Barbara will email the minutes to the Board members for their review. In the future, the minutes will be emailed to the Board members for their review before they are posted on the .org website.

Agenda Items 

  • Arbor Station Facebook page

Agreed that we will change membership to residents and homeowners only. We will ask for the address, the resident’s name and, if necessary, the homeowner’s name before a request can be approved. Jacob will provide wording that describes the change in policy.

  • Answering Service

The answering service is “live” to provide support to residents. Telephone # will be on the .org website, Facebook page, and bulletin board in front of clubhouses. Telephone # is 678-503-5383

  • Pool renovations

There are cracks around both upper and lower pools and some between the pools. Reviewed four repair estimates. Decided to forgo leak detection and deal with cosmetic problems. Replace tiles and fix plaster as needed. Because of the change in scope, Ken will get revised bids from two companies – Platinum Pools and Spas and Mayan Pool and Sports.

  • Electrician

We need an electrician to repair pool lights and other lights. Decided to ask the pool maintenance company we used last year for recommendations and other board members who know electricians will call them.

  • Parking Lot

Driveway needs to be resurfaced. Discussed removing some trees near clubhouses and eliminating the “dirt” areas between parking spaces to increase the number of spaces. Because of the change in scope will get revised estimates.

  • Pool Maintenance

Pools need to be cleaned twice per week in busy months and once per week during slow months. Set budget of $4000 for ongoing pool maintenance, including fixing the pumping system. Will get more bids.

  • Landscaping and Power washing

Neil reviewed plans to improve entrances and green areas with landscaping and plantings. Plans were approved. White fences need to be power washed. Neil will meet with perspective vendors and explain scope of work.

  • Key card system for pool area

Still looking for bids. Ken will help.

  • Pond maintenance

The pond grass is growing back. Agreed to call the person who had removed it last time. Also, need to have the fountain straighten up. Max of $400.

  • Baseball area and basketball court

There has been some vandalism on the baseball area and strangers wandering around the area. We need to have signs printed indicating that these facilities are only for resident’s use.

  • Ice machine

The ice machine needs to be repaired before the pool season starts. Ken will call someone to repair it.

  • Spring Cleanup Day

Scheduled Spring Cleanup day for Saturday, 4/22.

  • Next Community Meeting

Need to schedule the next Community Meeting, preferably before the pool opens. Possibly second weekend in May.

  • Board meetings schedule

March 23

April 20


Ken Bullock adjourned the meeting at 9:15 pm.

Minutes submitted by:  Barbara Burns

Minutes approved by:  [Name]