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Dear Arbor Station Homeowners


Summer SOFTBALL kickoff party

Where: Arbor Station Softball Field ( next door to Arbor Station Elementary School)  -located on Parkway Circle South

When: Saturday 6/23/18 – 12noon til 3pm (FREE – Food & Drinks to be served) 

It’s time to Take me out to the Ball game….We are hosting our summer kickoff party at the Arbor Station Softball Field…..we invite all HOS Members and their families to come out on Saturday for our 1st ever Softball Kickoff event…we will be serving Hot Dogs, Soda, Popcorn, & Peanuts as we introduce our newly landscaped ball field and New Basketball court play area.   Come one come all and enjoy soft playing music , food and fun……. 

Bring your Bats, Balls, Gloves, lawn chairs, coolers to come hang out with your board members as we test our skills in making a family sport fun for all ages….we hope this will be the start of weekly softball games between our 8 sub communities within Arbor Station – Don’t forget to sign up if you’re interested in playing softball during the 2018 summer season within Arbor Station


We have received several complaints regarding the current road conditions within the Arbor Station Subdivisions…..please be advised we have brought your concerns to the City of Douglasville who is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the public roads.  We have been advised as of 5/26/18 by our City Councilman, Terry Miller that several of our streets within our community are on a list to be partially or entirely repaved during the period beginning 8/6/18 – 8/24/18….see list of streets below:

1. Arbor Parkway , 2. Clear Creek Court, 3. Creekview Court, 4. Creekwood Drive, 5. Knollowood Circle, 6. Knollwood Drive,

7. Laurel Ridge Court, 8. Live Oak Court,  9. Stone Creek Court, 10. Willow Creek Court, 11. Wood Springs Court.

If you have concerns regarding the upkeep and maintenance of any public road surface affecting your street, please reach out to the City of Douglasville or contact your local City Councilman


Our Pool Season is about to begin starting on Friday 5/25/18 – …..please see information listed below regarding common questions regarding pool season

**Pool hours:    Sunday thru Thursday –  11:00am – 9:00pm         /       Friday & Saturday – 11:00am – 10:00pm

**Snack Bar hours – Monday thru Friday 12:00pm – 8:00pm       /  Saturday & Sunday – 12:00pm – 9:00pm

Guest fee is $2.00 per guest per day.  A guest fee is accessed for someone who does not live in Arbor Station.  Guest must be accompanied by members.

Pool Parties – a Pool Party reserves one side 0f the lower pool area.  $20 non-refundable reservation fee, plus a $2.00 per guest fee

Grill rental – $5 per half hour or $10 for full hour…to rent you must see Sue, Troy or Krystel or on duty pool monitor

Picnic Area private parties – $50 for up to 4hrs + $25 Deposit and $15 – clean up fee (if not in same condition as rented)

Lost key fees are $10 for replacements…….Pool rules and regulations are Posted at the pool, please adhere……..Pool dues – $60.00  for 2018 season…. All HOA dues must be current to use Pool and Tennis Court amenities and for rental of community Clubhouses.. ..

**During severe weather, the pool will close until it is safe to re-open or for the remainder of that day, whichever is required to provide safety to our residents**

See a complete list of our pool rules and regulation as the pool snack bar – all pool rules with be strictly enforced by the pool staff on duty

Please be careful & alert when driving through Arbor Parkway due to Geese crossing near the Pond/Fountain area…we like our Geese and we want to maintain a safe pathway for them to cross in….slow down and be watchful!!

Below is a list of the improvement projects your board has been working on for 2018:

  •  New Park benches and Trash cans along the parkway
  •  New Picnic Tables for picnic area
  •  3 New Kiddie Rocker toys for the Tots & safety border with child safe mulch
  •  New Teen and Child 1 bay swing sets & safety border with child safe mulch
  •  Newly reconditioned Softball Field with bases
  •  New Basketball backboard, New netting and  New rim with basketball diagram stripes on pavement
  •  New AC Unit for family center
  •  Tennis court score board repaired and repainted
  •  New plants in the lower pool area
  •  Men’s and Ladies bathrooms remodeled in Pool area

The following are considered to be a Violation of the Arbor Station Covenants:

  1.   Cars / Trucks/  parked on front Lawns / Grass
  2.   Trash cans left at the curb after trash collection for more than 24 hrs
  3.   Trash, Debris or other unsightly garbage in front yards not properly stored
  4.   Trash discarded along the parkway
  5.   Lawns not properly maintained / high grass


The Arbor Station Pool season will begin on 5/25/18 and will end on 9/10/18……. during the week 5/16/18 thru 5/18/18 from 6pm to 8pm  you may stop by the pool snack bar to complete your pool registration form and activate your Key Fob to gain access to the pool area.  If you lost your key card from the previous year their will be a charge of $10 for a replacement key card.

Arbor Station HOS is also taking enrollment forms for Arbor Station residents who would like to participate in our Softball league that we will be introducing for the 2018 summer season…..this is only open to Arbor Station Residents…..we will have 2 age categories for ages 6-11 & ages 12 & up….we hope to have games depending on enrollment each Wednesday from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at the Arbor Station Softball field which is located next to the Arbor Station Elementary school located off parkway circle south.  See the pool monitors for enrollment forms and look on this site for updated communication regarding this exciting event.

The Arbor Station playground is currently under renovation and the picnic tables, swing sets and kids rocker toys have been removed to prepare for new upgraded equipment which is expected to be installed by 6/15/18…we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you, however we had to remove these items to make way for the new equipment.

5/3/18 We would like to thank the board members and the members of our community who volunteered their time in assisting us during our annual community clean up day on Saturday April 22nd from 12-3pm.  We really appreciate the time and effort that was given on this day in helping us to keep Arbor Station a Beautiful and Safe place to live.  Our results are a direct reflection of your efforts and we want you to know your dedication and commitment to our community is APPRECIATED!!

Pool season is nearing…we will have our required annual pool inspection on 5/11/18 and will be announcing shortly thereafter the date our 2018 Pool Season will begin.  Please look for an updated posting detailing the date you may pick up your registration form and key cards.

Please be advised ALL Exterior Home Improvements MUST be approved by the Arbor Station Architectural Review Board prior to any work being started, this will ensure you are in compliance with the Arbor Station HOS Covenants…….see our “contact us” tab for a list of Architectural Review Board Members and their respective contact information.  This includes Painting, Roofing, Fencing, Major landscaping to tree’s and shrubs, Room additions, Buildings or adding a shed, etc.   see our covenants under section#4 & section#9 for a full description of such


It’s time for spring cleaning at Arbor Station….we will be having our annual spring clean up day on Saturday, April 21st, 2018 from 12-noon to 3pm…..we ask that you join us in volunteering your time to help us to keep Arbor Station a beautiful and safe place to live.  We welcome all volunteers, young and old alike…..we will be washing the tables and chairs surrounding the pool area, making sure our snack bar and restroom facilities are nice and clean, we will be spreading mulch along the flower beds, along with other general maintenance items to maintain our wonderful facilities.  As a token of our appreciation we will be providing pizza, soda & water to keep you refreshed.

Arbor Station is also working on reconditioning our Softball Field for summer softball games for our community…this will be for Arbor Station Residents only and we will be posting information on our website as well as on our marquee to alert all residents within our community of this upcoming event.

Your board is also working on this years 2018 improvements to our community to consist of: new park benches along the parkway with trash cans, new picnic tables for the picnic area, new swing sets for the kids and teens, new kiddie rocker toys  for the tots, in addition to many other little projects just to name a few…..remember this is your community and it takes our entire village to maintain and protect our investments.  ( IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING OR CALL 911)


Mosquito Awareness Seminar

A representative from the Georgia Department of Public Health will be hosting an informative and educational community public health presentation on the biology of mosquitoes, the diseases that they carry, what can be done to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes and discuss the most effective ways to control adult mosquitoes and minimize their presence.

March 3rd | 10:00 AM Ike Owings Community Center Hunter Memorial Park

Also, the Spring Recycling Event is Saturday, April 21 from 9am-2pm.  It is at the overflow parking lot of First Presbyterian Church again this year.   This is one of the events listed on the trash can stickers.  Those stickers should start going out next week, weather permitting.

2/14/18 HAPPY VALENTINES DAY – To all Arbor Station HOS Residents

1/1/2018 HAPPY NEW YEAR – 2018  To all Arbor Station HOS Residents – Looking forward to another prosperous year


Happy New Year to ALL

We would like to thank all the homeowners who were able to attend our community meeting that was held on December 16,2017 at 11am…I hope many of you found this meeting to be informative and beneficial.  We encourage every homeowner to attend our community meetings when possible as these meeting are designed to give you the homeowner the opportunity to address your board regarding suggestions and concerns you may have about our community.  The Douglasville police department was our special guest for this years community meeting and they shared some valuable and helpful safety tips that we all need to be aware of.  The main theme behind their message is that ” If you see something, say something”- call 911   We will continue to partner with our local police department in an effort to continue to keep Arbor Station a beautiful and safe place to live.  Our next community meeting is scheduled for sometime in May’2018 and we will post the exact date on our website as well as on our marquee outside the clubhouse.

A special thanks is extended to all the Board Members and Volunteers who dedicate their time and volunteerism to help maintain our communities common areas in addition to the many untold things they do that makes our community what it is.

12/8/17 – 2:00pm



We will be having our annual community meeting on Saturday, Dec. 9th 2017 at 11:00am in the community center.  This year we have invited the Douglasville Police Department to come and speak to our residents about crime prevention and other safety tips we should be aware of as a community and more especially during the holiday season.  The police department will be sharing recent incidents reports about our community along with a power point presentation in an effort to make homeowners  aware of any crime activity taking place within the Arbor Station subdivision.  They will be sharing safety tips, advice on being vigilant with if you see something, say something, being aware of your surroundings and many other helpful tips to keep us all safe during this holiday season.

This meeting is also designed to share and exchange information about our accomplishments for the year 2017, including any improvements made to the community, reviewing our annual budget for 2018 and discussing what future plans we have for the upcoming year.  As we continue to strive to maintain Arbor Station HOS as being a beautiful and safe place to live we ask that you our homeowners attend this annual meeting to voice your concerns or ideas or suggestions about things you would like to see in our community.  We value your feedback and we hope to see many new faces as well as those who make every effort to support the things we are trying to do in our community.

Good News!!…..your annual HOS  due’s for the upcoming year 2018 will remain the same @ $320.00…look for your assessment postcards to arrive in the mail in the next 2 weeks for dues that will be due on or before January 31st,2018


Happy Halloween…Please join us on Tuesday , October 31st 2017 from  7-pm – 9-pm  for our annual Trunk or Treat….just pull up your car to the lower level parking lot of the community center… pop your trunk and get ready for the Goblins to come and enjoy your treats… can dress up in your scariest costumes or just come as you are.  It’s lots of fun and it’s in a safe environment  for your little ones to enjoy  some Halloween Treats!!

Please be advised, the board meeting to be held on Thursday 10/26/17 – at 7:30pm will be for HOS Board Members ONLY – this is a special meeting to discuss revenue streams for our club houses.  Our next open to the community meeting will be held on Thursday 11/30/17 at 7:30pm


Thanks to all those who were able to join us for our annual pool party that was held on Saturday August 26,2017…..we had an enjoyable time and we wish that more homeowners could have attended this delightful event.  We hope you enjoyed the Movie under the stars by the pool events that were held this summer in addition to the live DJ spinning our favorite tunes for kids and adults alike..the feedback we got is that it was great for all to enjoy.  As we near the close of our pool season we want to thank all the residents of Arbor Station HOS for making this another successful and safe pool season. We look forward to seeing many more of you for our next community meeting which will take place in the fall of 2017…look for the upcoming announcement.  we encourage everyone to attend these meetings when your schedule allows as your input and concerns are always welcomed.


As we continue to strive to make Arbor Station a Beautiful and Safe place to live we ask that you continue to help us along with the Douglas County Police Department in our  ” IF YOU SEE SOMEHTING SAY SOMETHING ” campaign which is an ongoing theme throughout the year to encourage us as being neighbors to speak up when we see something that doesn’t  look or appear to be right.   Normally your gut instincts is a key indicator that maybe you need to “Say Something”…the Douglasville Police Department did canvass our neighborhood during the first week of May 2017 in an effort to re-engage our local law enforcement officials with the communities in which they serve, despite this proactive effort their have been 2 recent incidents which required the attention of law enforcement where gun activity was involved.  Please know it takes a combined effort on the part of all of us as residents to be vigilant in our efforts to report suspicious activity in our neighborhoods…a simple call to 911 can make a difference in our lives as well as the lives of others.  Our Police department will continue to monitor things within our community, however they can use your help!! …we will be inviting the Douglasville Police Department back to one of our annual community meetings later in the year to discuss Safety Tips and being aware of what’s going on within our community…..Please keep being vigilant and if you SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING!! – call 911 when in doubt as Safety is our number one concern!


The pool will be closing by September 17, 2017 and will remain closed until the 2018 season.


Please be careful & alert when driving through Arbor Parkway due to Geese crossing near the Pond/Fountain area…we like our Geese and we want to maintain a safe pathway for them to cross in….slow down and be watchful!!


Below is a list of the improvement projects your board has accomplished for 2017:

  1.  Re-plastering of the lower pool & leak repairs
  2.  Repair of lights in the upper Pool & expansion joints along walkway
  3.  Service to all 4 AC Units for the clubhouses
  4.  New solar lights to be installed at the entrance to each sub-community
  5.  Pressure washing of all the white fencing and signs throughout the community
  6.  Painting of the white park benches along the parkway
  7.  Painting of the Arbor Station sign at the entrance of Creekwood Drive
  8.  Re-paving  & Re-striping of our community clubhouse parking lot & 3- handicap spaces provided
  9.  Repair of our Volley Ball court area with new sand and border
  10.  New plants in the lower pool area and along the parkway area & some islands
  11.  Repair to the community center ice machine
  12.  Clubhouse locks repaired
  13.  New electronic Key Card system for upcoming pool season
  14.  Painting of Men’s and Ladies bathrooms in Pool area
  15.  Private updated website for registered community members (all Arbor Station official business will be conducted on this site ONLY!!)
  16.  Cleaning of the Pond along Arbor Parkway & new fountain head
  17.  Official answering service to filter community related calls for Clubhouse Rental & General information


  1. Please help us to keep Arbor Station a Beautiful & Safe place to LIVE!!