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Dear Arbor Station Homeowners

We are having our 2nd summer event on Friday, July 21st from 6pm till 10pm…..we will be hosting a FREE DJ by the Pool event…that’s right we will have a live DJ spinning todays latest tunes for 4 hrs by the POOL…this event is free to all Arbor Station HOS Paid Pool members….this will be the 2nd of 4 scheduled events we have planned for your summer enjoyment……bring the family and invite some friends to come and listen to the beats as we continue to enjoy the summer.   We will post additional  information regarding other upcoming events as they are scheduled….so stay tuned to this site or look for upcoming events on our marquee outside the clubhouse……..still to come, Movie under the stars scheduled for Friday 7/28/17 – PG related theme starting at 9pm-10:30 pm…….we look forward to seeing you their.

Thanks to all those who were able to join us for our community meeting which was  held on Saturday May 20th,2017 at 11:00am…..we had several of you stop by and compliment us on all the recent and ongoing improvements we are making to our community, your feedback and support is greatly appreciated and we look forward to seeing many more of you for our next community meeting which will take place in the fall of 2017…look for upcoming announcements at the end of our pool season.  we encourage everyone to attend these meetings when your schedule allows as your input and concerns are always welcomed.

As we continue to strive to make Arbor Station a Beautiful and Safe place to live we ask that you continue to help us along with the Douglas County Police Department in our  ” IF YOU SEE SOMEHTING SAY SOMETHING ” campaign which is an ongoing theme throughout the year to encourage us as being neighbors to speak up when we see something that doesn’t  look or appear to be right.   Normally your gut instincts is a key indicator that maybe you need to “Say Something”…the Douglasville Police Department did canvass our neighborhood during the first week of May 2017 in an effort to re-engage our local law enforcement officials with the communities in which they serve, despite this proactive effort their have been 2 recent incidents which required the attention of law enforcement where gun activity was involved.  Please know it takes a combined effort on the part of all of us as residents to be vigilant in our efforts to report suspicious activity in our neighborhoods…a simple call to 911 can make a difference in our lives as well as the lives of others.  Our Police department will continue to monitor things within our community, however they can use your help!! …we will be inviting the Douglasville Police Department back to one of our annual community meetings later in the year to discuss Safety Tips and being aware of what’s going on within our community…..Please keep being vigilant and if you SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING!! – call 911 when in doubt as Safety is our number one concern!

The pool is NOW OPEN as of Friday, May 27,2017 and will remain open until the end of our season which is projected to be September 10,2017 …Enjoy your summer!! & Be Safe…

Guest fee is $2.00 per guest per day.  A guest fee is accessed for someone who does not live in Arbor Station.  Guest must be accompanied by members.

Pool Parties – a Pool Party reserves one side of the lower pool area.  $20 non-refundable reservation fee, plus a $2.00 per guest fee

Grill rental – $5 per half hour or $10 for full hour…to rent you must see Sue, Troy or Krystel or on duty pool monitor

Picnic Area private parties – $50 for up to 4hrs + $25 Deposit and $15 – clean up fee (if not in same condition as rented)

Lost key fees are $10 for replacements…….Pool rules and regulations are Posted at the pool, please adhere……..Pool dues – $60.00  for 2017 season…. All HOA dues must be current to use Pool and Tennis Court amenities and for rental of community Clubhouses.. ..

Please be careful & alert when driving through Arbor Parkway due to Geese crossing near the Pond/Fountain area…we like our Geese and we want to maintain a safe pathway for them to cross in….slow down and be watchful!!

Below is a list of the improvement projects your board has been working on:

  1.  Re-plastering of the lower pool & leak repairs
  2.  Repair of lights in the upper Pool & expansion joints along walkway
  3.  Service to all 4 AC Units for the clubhouses
  4.  New solar lights to be installed at the entrance to each sub-community
  5.  Pressure washing of all the white fencing and signs throughout the community
  6.  Painting of the white park benches along the parkway
  7.  Painting of the Arbor Station sign at the entrance of Creekwood Drive
  8.  Re-paving  & Re-striping of our community clubhouse parking lot & 3- handicap spaces provided
  9.  Repair of our Volley Ball court area with new sand and border
  10.  New plants in the lower pool area and along the parkway area & some islands
  11.  Repair to the community center ice machine
  12.  Clubhouse locks repaired
  13.  New electronic Key Card system for upcoming pool season
  14.  Painting of Men’s and Ladies bathrooms in Pool area
  15.  Private updated website for registered community members (all Arbor Station official business will be conducted on this site ONLY!!)
  16.  Cleaning of the Pond along Arbor Parkway & new fountain head
  17.  Official answering service to filter community related calls for Clubhouse Rental & General information

The following are considered to be a Violation of the Arbor Station Covenants:

  1.   Cars / Trucks/  parked on front Lawns / Grass
  2.   Trash cans left at the curb after trash collection for more than 24 hrs
  3.   Trash, Debris or other unsightly garbage in front yards not properly stored
  4.   Trash discarded along the parkway
  5.   Lawns not properly maintained / high grass


  1. Please help us to keep Arbor Station a Beautiful & Safe place to LIVE!!