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Dear Arbor Station Homeowners

Our next community meeting will be held on Saturday May 20th,2017 at 11:00am…..we invite all homeowners to attend  this meeting with any questions or concerns you may have for the HOS Association and/or Board Members who serve within your community, we also invite you to stick around after our meeting so that your board members can serve you…we will be proving free food and soft drinks to kick off our 2017 pool season in addition to going over the projects we have initiated for the upcoming year.  We look forward to seeing you then…

We would like to extend a special “THANKS” to the Douglasville Police Department & Capt. Brad Stafford and the DCOP program for visiting the Oakwood Village Subdivision and other areas of Arbor Station during the 1st week of May’2017 who visited our neighborhood to perform a meet and greet…this is apart of the Douglas County Outreach Program (DCOP)…this program is designed to reacquaint our local police department with the local residents in the communities in which they serve. we had approximately 15-20 police cars and police officers in the area during this week and it appears the feedback was well received by all the residents they visited during this period…they will continue to monitor our neighborhood as a proactive initiative to help combat crime within our community.   Thanks to all the residents who welcomed them into their homes for this very important initiative…we will be inviting the Douglasville Police Department back to one of our annul community meetings later in the year to discuss Safety Tips and being aware of what’s going on within our community…..Please keep being vigilant and if you SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING!! – call 911 when in doubt as Safety is our number one concern!

On April 22’2017 we had our annual community clean up day and we would like to take this opportunity to say ” THANKS” to all those who were able to come out and assist us in helping to keep Arbor Station a Beautiful place to live.  We understand that your time is valuable and we really APPRECIATE all who were able to attend this yearly undertaking…we hope to see many more faces next year as this is an effort that requires a community to make it more successful, again we want to say  ” Thank You” for your participation.

On May 20′ 2017 we invite all homeowners to come out and see the improvements we are making to our community, at that time we will be issuing Pool keys and Tennis Court keys in preparation of the 2017 Pool Season. As our way of saying “Thanks” for supporting our community we will have Free food and soft drinks for all those who attend…so bring your kids and bring the family and come enjoy a day as your board members serve you.

The pool is scheduled to Open on Friday, May 27,2017 and will remain open until the end of our season which is projected to be September 10,2017 …we will post hours of operation as soon as the season begins!!

Lost key fees are $10 for replacements…….Pool rules and regulations will be posted prior to the start of our pool season……..Pool dues – $60.00  for 2017 season…. All HOA dues must be current to use Pool and Tennis Court amenities and for rental of community Clubhouses.. ..Look for more information in the next few weeks relating to Pool season

Please be careful & alert when driving through Arbor Parkway due to Geese crossing near the Pond/Fountain area…we like our Geese and we want to maintain a safe pathway for them to cross in….slow down and be watchful!!

Below is a list of the improvement projects your board has been working on:

  1.  Re-plastering of the lower pool & leak repairs
  2.  Repair of lights in the upper Pool & expansion joints along walkway
  3.  Service to all 4 AC Units for the clubhouses
  4.  New solar lights to be installed at the entrance to each sub-community
  5.  Pressure washing of all the white fencing and signs throughout the community
  6.  Painting of the white park benches along the parkway
  7.  Painting of the Arbor Station sign at the entrance of Creekwood Drive
  8.  Re-paving  & Re-striping of our community clubhouse parking lot & 3- handicap spaces provided
  9.  Repair of our Volley Ball court area with new sand and border
  10.  New plants in the lower pool area and along the parkway area & some islands
  11.  Repair to the community center ice machine
  12.  Clubhouse locks repaired
  13.  New electronic Key Card system for upcoming pool season
  14.  Painting of Men’s and Ladies bathrooms in Pool area
  15.  Private updated website for registered community members (all Arbor Station official business will be conducted on this site ONLY!!)
  16.  Cleaning of the Pond along Arbor Parkway & new fountain head
  17.  Official answering service to filter community related calls for Clubhouse Rental & General information

The following are considered to be a Violation of the Arbor Station Covenants:

  1.   Cars / Trucks/  parked on front Lawns / Grass
  2.   Trash cans left at the curb after trash collection for more than 24 hrs
  3.   Trash, Debris or other unsightly garbage in front yards not properly stored
  4.   Trash discarded along the parkway
  5.   Lawns not properly maintained / high grass


  1. Please help us to keep Arbor Station a Beautiful place to LIVE!!